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In Loving Memory of Raya Rosenfeld

In the year 2020, Raya Rosenfeld passed away after a year long struggle with cancer. Raya was born in 1953 in Ukraine and came to Israel with her family when she was just a baby. In Israel she was married and had three children.

Raya was a first class educator, and began her journey as a professional English teacher, until she was promoted to Principal of Junior High School in one of the main cities in Israel.

After her retirement from the education system, she completed her Master’s degree and studied group coaching and facilitation.

For several years she coached parenting groups, a group of convicts for Rehabilitation purposes, couples and individuals, all voluntarily and with nothing in return, out of good will with the desire to contribute to society.

Her friends and family tell of an extraordinary woman with unusual emotional strength, wisdom, integrity, nobility, trustworthiness, who was an excellent conversationalist with all, creative, and had an artistic soul. Her close relationship with her three children is a model for the ideal relationship between a parent and child.

In order to immortalize her memory, Perbelle Cosmetics will donate from its products to girls and women in the US currently fighting cancer.

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